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AResourcing ™

  • Increase credit limits
  • Promote liberal terms
  • Report Cash projections
  • Reduce staff and budget
  • Speed up collections

Easier said than done! Credit executives are painfully familiar with the thankless challenge of doing more with less. Longer work hours, multi-tasking, even state-of-the-art technology can't solve the range of problems afflicting most corporate credit departments today. Workloads unthinkable ten years ago are now standard practice.

There is hope! As the name implies, Commericial Collection Consultants works with its clients to find the the right solution to collection challenges. After years of delivering services tailored to the needs of its creditor clients, including early intervention contact with customers, CCC brought AResourcing™ to the commercial market. Creditors can now engage CCC for virtually any accounts receivable task, from post-billing notice to insolvency and litigation management.

AResourcing™ allows companies to focus on the credit functions best performed in-house, and to delelgate other functions handled more cost-effectively by CCC. Each proposed AResourcing™ project is evaluated by the creditor and CCC management to find the right allocation of responsibilities. Projects must demonstrate either net cost savings or net revenue gain before any work begins.

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