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TECS ™ (Tools for Enhanced Credit Sales)

TECS(Tools for Enhanced Credit Sales) 

One of the many constant challenges facing credit executives is training productive collection personnel.  In response to requests for help with this task from many of its clients, CCC prepared a few workshops years ago to help train corporate collectors in the methods used by CCC personnel. 

The response was immediate and overwhelming. Scores of creditors, from small-market competitors to multi-billion dollar public companies, asked for our credit and collection programs.  Industry credit groups, trade associations and professional organizations booked CCC workshops as educational programs for their members. 

This original idea - to share our collection expertise with our clients - evolved into TECS™ (Tools for Enhanced Credit Sales).  CCC now offers a variety of prepared TECS™  skill development programs, or creates programs on subjects requested by creditors. Each unit addresses specific learning objectives, with consistent emphasis on enhancing collector productivity. Many creditors create their own TECS™ "curriculum" using a planned sequence of workshops developed with CCC.  All programs are conducted on-site at creditor facilities. 

CCC staff members who present TECS™ programs are experts in collections, and excellent instructors.  They bring years of practical credit and collection experience to every workshop, and provide valuable follow-up tools for creditor clients 

TECS™ programs are available to creditors using CCC collection services, generally at no additional cost.  For industry, trade and professional groups in which CCC clients are active, TECS™ programs are available on a sliding scale fee basis, or free under some circumstances.  TECS™ programs are available and individually priced for other users.  

To investigate TECS™ programs for your group, contact CCC today. 

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