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Established in Dallas, Texas in 1984, Commercial Collection Consultants Central has developed a broad client base ranging from major US Banks, Electronic Manufacturers, & Distributors, Medical Equipment Suppliers, and other credit grantors worldwide.

Serving the global credit community for over 33 years CCC Central has a reputation of providing superior results that consistently surpass our client’s expectations.

Competitive rates, paid in full results, concise reporting, and an interactive database allows CCC Central to be a complete resource for credit departments worldwide. Our collectors, accountants and attorneys take care of everything.

In addition to our primary collection services, CCC Central offers our customers workshops designed to fit their needs as well as monthly newsletters and educational bulletins, along with a host of other services specifically for credit departments.

Many things have changed in the industry over the years, but there has been one constant at CCC Central, and that is “Our core values are the same and our clients are still # 1”.

CCC Central, with offices in DFW and San Antonio, has had many accomplishments over the years, but we measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients.

Ultimately, the quality of a commercial collection agency is not based on the tools it has at its disposal, but rather by the people using those tools.

CCC has the tools and the knowhow to achieve our objectives but it is our people who have made the difference and will continue to do so for another 33 years.

Dallas, Texas


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