Bankruptcy Services

We offer a wide variety of commercial recovery and bankruptcy-related services as listed below, but not limited to said services.  With the financial and economic climate today, many companies are searching for viable resources to assist them in recouping as well as retaining their hard-earned revenues. At Commercial Collection Consultants, we are driven to meet the needs of our clients. We have a team of experienced professionals when combined cover every facet of commercial recovery and bankruptcy-related matters. We also have a network of outside associates throughout the Country to further ensure the client’s interests are handled in a professional and prompt manner.


Proof of Claims:


Claims filing

Complete proof of claim form (POC) and submit along with necessary attachments in support of amount owed

Claims management

Oversee all aspects related to the claim process

Claims reconciliation

Conduct reconciliation if the scheduled amount varies from the actual amount owed

Claims monitoring

Monitor the case for several factors, such as distribution

Respond to objections

Submit all pertinent documentation in response to objection with the court

Disbursement administration

Accept, track and disburse proceeds from claims distributions


Preference Defense:


Audit of client’s books & records

Extract critical data needed to conduct comprehensive defense analysis


Utilize analytical data extracted to formulate various applicable defenses under § 547 U.S. Bankruptcy Code such as new value, ordinary course, contemporaneous exchange

Correspond with Plaintiff’s counsel on behalf of the client

Communicate with counsel to inform them of our representation in defense of the matter along with working towards an amicable resolution

Retain local counsel

Should an answer need to be filed in another Federal Court’s Jurisdiction, we have a network of local attorneys to do so

File answer to adversary complaint

Draft answer to adversary complaint and file with the court

Mediation support

To date, we have participated in excess of 800 mediation sessions. We will assist in selection of mediator along with drafting of mediation statement and attendance at mediation on behalf of client

Case Law research and review

Conduct defense specific case law search and review based on applicable defenses from our database of proven winners

Expert witness support

Over 15 years of bankruptcy specific work, which lends to defense credibility, if needed to present to the court